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Prudens Information Resources for the Internet

About PIRI


Prudens Information Resources for the Internet (PIRI) was founded by Dr. James E. Burke in 2005 to assist Burke Technology Services (BTS) and its clients, as well as other managers and professionals understand the possible uses and effects of Internet applications. PIRI is located in San Francisco.

The PIRI site distills a wide range of information into knowledge of Internet applications. This knowledge is transferred primarily through e-Reports, which are supported by a Knowledgebase and the Glossary.

How Content is Organized

E-Reports, the Knowledgebase and the Glossary are organized around ten categories of Internet applications (see E-Reports sidebar). Each e-Report reflects research into a particular topic to provide:

  • An exploration of each technology and its relationship to the information categories
  • Example and planned uses of the technology
  • Definitions, context, and usage of new terms
  • Trends and predictions
  • Links to important online resources (web sites, reports, articles or e-books)
  • Implications and future developments
  • Additions to the relevant Knowledgebase and the Glossary
  • Other Information depending on the technology

How Topics are Selected

Within the ten PIRI categories, particular topics are requested by organizations and are also chosen by PIRI based on opportunities and needs posed by the future of the Internet:

  • Technologies of Interest - that might provide an advantage to an organization
  • Breakthroughs - that could affect everyone
  • Issues - recent developments that could affect the deployment and use of a technology
  • Core Knowledge - about applications
  • Basics - learning the language of a technology

Outside Authors

As PIRI evolves and resources permit, users will be invited to play an increasing role in the presentation and updating of information, and by presenting e-reports and e-books for sale at reasonable prices.

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