Burke Technology Services

Services and Experience


Burke Technology Services (BTS) provides technical management services to companies and public organizations. It plans and develops technology projects and programs, and assesses the feasibility and market potential of technologies. BTS also has expertise in technology-oriented economic development and experience with public-private initiatives. BTS is led by Dr. James E. Burke.


Provide Business Assistance to Startup Technology Companies, or Organizations Integrating New Technologies

Assist clients to:

Develop and Manage Technology Projects

Assist a client organization to successfully set-up and manage a technical project:

Perform Technology Evaluation and Commercialization

Assist a client to understand the potential and realize a return from a new or "shelved" technology:

Assist in Technology-based Economic Development

Assist in technology initiatives, such as the Oakland Technology Center, in projects involving public funding, and in special projects where public and private collaboration is required:

Who Uses BTS Services?

Organizations that benefit from these services are:


Over the last 15 years BTS project teams have worked closely with clients to complete a range of technically-oriented projects. Projects and clients of BTS include:

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